John ReillyIf this your first time on my site, great to see you, I’m glad you came by. I’m John Reilly.

Everyone says that the cost of living is expensive, things like gas, electricity, and food keep going up, even going out having fun. Realistically, it’s unlike that the cost will come down anytime soon. I work with, and help people to get a second pay check, by developing a home based businesses , and these issues are no longer a problem.

It is a sector which is quickly expanding, for many reasons. There isn’t theĀ  job security there once was. For many employers, the only way to remain ‘competitive’, is not only to employ fewer staff, but to employ more who are on part-time contracts, and in some cases zero hours contracts. For many people, this raises large issues. There are cases where people are juggling two or even three jobs, just to make up a full time income. Add children into the equation, and it gets even more challenging.

Home businesses done well, offer a very attractive, and alternative option for people who want, or need, a greater degree of flexibility. It is filling a niche for people who are retired, and want to earn some extra money to help supplement their retirement. It can help students who have left education and cannot find work, or are trying to ‘pay off’ student loans, or parents who require flexibility around childcare. Also, in this increasingly fragile job market, it can offer something of a buffer for the unexpected.

Most people say that they are not sure how to get started, this need not be a worry. Nobody on our team works on their own, I work with you ‘hands on’, showing you exactly what to do. It’s kind of ‘show and tell’, I show you what we are going to do, and then demonstrate it to you, until such times as you feel confident, and are ready to dip your toe in the water. Most people like this system because it makes them feel more comfortable, and don’t we all like that when we are trying something new?

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